Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Storm Damage Nashville - Drying and Restoring Attics

By Jamie Shelley

28 Sept. 2016

Attics are vulnerable to high winds and rainwater. When drains and gutters that are supposed to remove water are broken or clogged, the risk of damage greatly increases.

SERVPRO has extensive experience in dealing with attic damage and how to restore one to its original state. When we send in our inspectors, the first thing they check is the roof. We do this because removing water and cleaning out damage does no long term good if the source of the leak is unknown. In most cases, the leak into the attic comes from roofing material that is either damaged or has pulled away from the wood underneath due to debris dragged over it by high winds. We encourage the home or business owner to fix a leak before we get started.

Once the leak is identified, we begin work on removing material and saving it where possible. Fiberglass insulation that has been soaked can be removed to another location, dried and then replaced once the surrounding area has been properly dried. This is accomplished using specialized vacuums.

With that done, the surrounding sheetrock is examined. In most cases, sheetrock that has absorbed an excessive amount of water will have to be removed and replaced. Our technicians are trained to do this with minimal damage or disturbance to the non-affected areas.

If an area of the attic is difficult to get into, sheetrock that hasn't been affected may need to be removed and stored temporarily. This will also be necessary in order to properly install any fans, dehumidifiers, and heaters that are required to remove standing water and reduce the moisture in affected areas so that beams and other wooden supports will not have to be replaced. In very small crawlspaces, we use a flexible hose as a temporary duct to blow dry air from a dehumidifier into these tight areas.

An attic is a difficult area to get into and restore to its original state. Call today at 615-822-0200 if you believe you may have suffered storm damage. SERVPRO of Sumner County is ready to support our neighbors with an experienced team of inspectors and technicians and an extensive inventory of equipment to get the job done.

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